This Fantastic Mangala Isai called Nathasuram should be heard all over the world. Call we are ready to travel around the world.


nadhaswaram coaching centre for Kids and Children.Access to learn Thavil nadhaswaram.

Nathasura Kacheri

We are doing a saxophone concert with thavil Naayanam.Call us for shows

learn Thavil

The best music gallery to learn thavil is bharatha kalai koodam chennai

learn Nadhaswaram

The best place to learn Nadhaswaram is bharatha kalai koodam in Chennai

Kattai koothu

Baratha kali koodam artists are ready to showcase colorful antique costume, style and theatrical dance.


Thavil, Naayanam, Thalam (jalra) Nathasuram, the instrument that converts air into music.Nayanam

Young Thavil Vithvan Aravind
Thavil Vithvan Aravind

Thavil, Naayanam, Thalam (jalra) Nathasuram, the instrument that converts sound into music. Thavil


We look forward to playing Nathasura Isai around the world, and specially protect his antiquity. So create opportunities and help preserve our heritage.Let Mangala Vadhyam sound all over the world and make the world better. Bharatha kalai koodam - 9600099719

Famous Ndhaswaram players

Ndhaswaram nagesh

Nagesh, Ndhaswaram cries for his performance to be repeated .”

[Tamil culture]

Famous percussionist

Percussionist Aravind

“Aravind , Excellent artist who plays 20 different percussion instruments ”

[Tamil culture]

Famous Theatrical actor

king faisal

“ king faisal ” The best drama actor, the teacher who trains in all kinds of drama ”

[Tamil culture]

Famous Bharatanatyam dancer


“Bharatanatyam” Best Dance Teacher Bharatanatyam ”

[ Tamil culture]

Famous Percussionist

Percussionist Abrock

“ Abrock ” Excellent artist who plays 'APP' percussion instruments ”

[Tamil culture]